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Betty - Patient Testimonial


Betty sought Dr. Mortensen's help to correct a smile that was severely decayed. To meet her needs and restore the health, function, and appearance of her smile, Dr. Mortensen placed dental implants, all-ceramic crowns, and porcelain veneers. Following her treatment, Betty was able to bite into an apple for the first time in years!

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My name is Betty Deleye. I came to Dr. Mortensen because my mouth was a complete mess. It had been patched up here and there over the years, probably for the past thirty years, and I wanted to have a better looking mouth. I wanted to be able to smile and bite into an apple. My mouth was so bad that I really didn't want to smile when we took family photos. I didn't want to, actually, I didn't want to be in them. And I decided after my last family trip that, OK I need to do something about it. So I decided, I'll come in, I'll give it a thought and especially the two teeth in the front. They were two different sizes. One was stained, and I said, "I can do better." I had four implants done. I had the two teeth in the front; I had those capped, so that they would match. They would be the same size and shape. I guess overall I just like the way I smiled afterwards. I would go around smiling to everybody, even when he put the first temporary teeth in. What I like about the whole experience here, I just like the way Dr. Mortensen and the staff treats the patients. First of all, they're so friendly. He's a very warm, compassionate person. During the time that I came in, several times I almost fell asleep, and I had never done that with a dentist. And I know that a part of my problem with going to dentists is I'm afraid of them. I have a fear, and when I come here it's just like home. I feel very, very like I'm a part of the family here. When I came in for my procedure and the temporary teeth were placed in, it was just amazing. I felt actually like I had my permanent teeth in and a few days later I went on a trip, and I was gone for a long period of time. I thought, oh, this might go wrong, that might go wrong, but it was just wonderful. I waited the process through to have the permanent teeth put in, and that was very smooth also. The first thing I ate was that apple. I had to bite into that apple. I wanted to try it because probably for the last maybe ten years, I would not bite into anything, and I had an experience with one of the front teeth popping out, so I was afraid to bite into even a hamburger, anything. And I told Dr. Mortensen, when I get these teeth in I'm going to try that apple, and I did. It was great. It was wonderful. I would recommend Dr. Mortensen because I think that once you come to him, you will never go to another dentist. He's just that great. He's terrific.

Andrew G. Mortensen, DDS

Andrew G. Mortensen, DDS

Dr. Andrew Mortensen is a top-rated dentist with training from the world-famous Las Vegas Institute. His exceptional care and expertise have earned him hundreds of 5-star reviews, and he is an accredited member of the:

  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • American Dental Association
  • California Dental Association
  • Orange County Dental Society 

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