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Can Cavities Lead to Tooth Loss? By Andrew Mortensen, DDS on August 01, 2016

Illustration of a dental cavityDental cavities are one of the most common oral health problems. These small holes form in the outer layer of the tooth when bacteria acids eat away at healthy tooth enamel. Dental cavities can be repaired with restorative dentistry treatments that restore damaged tooth enamel and provide an added layer of protection. However, if dental cavities are neglected, they will continue to destroy the tooth and can lead to severe dental damage. If this damage continues to progress, it is possible for cavities and tooth loss to become an issue for our Fountain Valley, CA patients. Dr. Andrew G. Mortensen treats dental cavities for his patients so they can preserve the natural teeth and prevent tooth loss.

Treatment for Dental Cavities

Good oral hygiene habits and regular professional dental care help patients maintain good oral health so that dental complications do not develop. Despite these efforts, it is fairly common for dental cavities to form. For patients who maintain biannual dental exams and cleanings, dental cavities do not pose a big risk. A dental cavity can be detected at a routine exam so that treatment can be provided in a timely manner.

The most common treatment for cavities is a dental filling. A dental filling is a composite material that is applied and shaped directly to the tooth. This material replaces tooth enamel that has been lost or damaged and provides protection to prevent further decay from developing.

Dangers of Dental Cavities

Although a dental cavity is not a big threat to patients who receive regular dental care, they can be a risk for those who neglect professional dental treatment. The problem is that dental cavities will continue to grow until treatment is provided. As bacterial acids continue to eat away at tooth enamel, the inner layer of the tooth becomes more exposed. Damaged tooth enamel makes it easier for bacteria to enter the center of the tooth, where it can result in a root canal infection. This infection compromises the nerves and roots of the tooth. Without adequate treatment, this infection can damage the tooth so severely that it can be lost or require extraction.

Treatment for Missing Teeth

While Dr. Mortensen’s goal is to allow patients to preserve their natural teeth, he does offer a number of restorative treatments that can rebuild the smile after tooth loss has occurred. Missing teeth treatments such as dental implants, dental bridges, and dentures fill in gaps between the teeth and improve a patient’s oral functions while enhancing the appearance of the smile. Patient that have suffered from tooth loss can learn more about these treatments from Dr. Mortensen to determine which is most appropriate for their unique situation.

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Professional dental care is one of the greatest tools a person can use to prevent oral health complications. If you are concerned about the health of your teeth, or are simply in need of a trusted and experienced dentist to help you preserve a beautiful smile, Dr. Andrew G. Mortensen can help. Contact us at your earliest convenience to learn more about our comprehensive range of dental services.

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Andrew G. Mortensen, DDS

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