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The proximity of the jaw and mouth to the ears means that dental problems can cause ear pain. Dr. Mortensen explains.

Andrew Mortensen, DDS Mar 21, 2019

Dr. Andrew G. Mortensen explores dental care statistics in the United States and explains why oral health is so important.

Andrew Mortensen, DDS Sep 18, 2018

Experienced dentists Andrew G. Mortensen performs routine dental cleanings to preserve the health and strength of his patients’ smiles.

Andrew Mortensen, DDS Feb 16, 2018

Dr. Andrew Mortensen in Fountain Valley, CA explains the history of dentistry and how it has impacted modern dentistry treatments today.

Andrew Mortensen, DDS Dec 30, 2017

Treatment for hyperdontia can improve oral health and the smile's appearance. Find out if treatment is right for you.

Andrew Mortensen, DDS Aug 29, 2017

Dr. Andrew G. Mortensen educates patients about proper brushing habits that will help them avoid dental damage from aggressive tooth brushing.

Andrew Mortensen, DDS Aug 02, 2017

Tongue scrapers can improve oral health and reduce bad breath. Let's take a closer look at the benefits of tongue scrapers.

Andrew Mortensen, DDS Jun 01, 2017

Tooth fractures can cause serious oral health problems. Find out how treatment for tooth fractures can help.

Andrew Mortensen, DDS Mar 30, 2017

Tooth sensitivity to hot and cold may be a sign of dental damage. Dental treatment such as bonding and fillings can help.

Andrew Mortensen, DDS Jan 31, 2017

Dr. Andrew G. Mortensen discusses the history of one of the most important oral health tools - the toothbrush.

Andrew Mortensen, DDS Nov 29, 2016

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