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Smile Makeover

Even if you have healthy teeth and gums, you may want to change a few things about your smile.

A smile makeover combines several cosmetic dentistry procedures into one comprehensive treatment.

Dr. Andrew G. Mortensen performs custom smile makeovers at our Fountain Valley, CA, dental practice.

Is a Smile Makeover Right for Me?

If you are looking to transform your smile because your teeth are misshapen, discolored, overcrowded, or damaged by decay, a smile makeover at our Fountain Valley office can help you revitalize your appearance.

Ready to Upgrade Your Smile? Request a Dental Consultation Today

Are you dissatisfied with the appearance of your smile? Dr. Mortensen trained at the Las Vegas Institute, which is widely recognized as one of the best dental education programs in the industry. He is also accredited by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. With more than 40 years of experience, he has the skill, knowledge, and expertise necessary to address virtually any cosmetic or oral health need.

To learn more about smile makeovers, or any of the general, preventative, or restorative services offered at our Fountain Valley, CA, dental practice, book a visit. Contact us online anytime or reach us by phone:

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Dr. Mortensen receiving recognition from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
Dr. Mortensen receiving recognition from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

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The entire staff is warm and friendly. All concerns are addressed. I never leave the office with unanswered questions or confusing details. The staff is sensitive to my dental needs.

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Friendly, professional and prompt. We have been going here for decades and would not consider going anywhere else.

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How Does a Smile Makeover Work?

An illustration of different smile makeover options
A smile makeover combines procedures carefully chosen to meet your personal cosmetic goals. Take a look at some of the issues your smile makeover can address.

Commonly Combined Procedures

When it comes to smile makeovers, no two treatment plans are the same. Because each patient brings their own unique goals to the table, each plan is tailored accordingly. Here are some of the most common cosmetic services included in smile makeovers at our Fountain Valley dental practice:

Teeth Whitening

Environmental factors, such as dark-colored foods or drinks, can stain tooth enamel and make your smile appear unhealthy. Dentist-supervised teeth whitening can dramatically brighten your smile in just one hour. Dr. Mortensen offers both in-office and take-home whitening options.

Explore Teeth Whitening

Dental Bonding

If you have small chips, hairline cracks, or other dental problems that affect the appearance of your smile, then dental bonding could be an effective option. During this procedure, your dentist applies tooth-colored composite resin to the affected areas, bringing balance and symmetry back to your smile.

Explore Dental Bonding

Porcelain Veneers

Veneers cover the front surfaces of the teeth, improving their size, shape, and color. Veneers are crafted from medical-grade porcelain, which mimics the translucency of natural teeth for a truly lifelike look.

Explore Veneers

Dental Crowns

Crowns are used in both cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Unlike a veneer, a crown covers the entire tooth structure. Therefore, these restorations may be recommended when additional strength and reinforcement is needed. Crowns can be made from a variety of materials, including lifelike porcelain.

Explore Dental Crowns

Dental Implants

Missing teeth interfere with your appearance as well as your oral health and function. Dental implants are small titanium posts that replace missing tooth roots. They can be restored with custom crowns, bridges, or dentures.

Explore Dental Implants

Gum Reshaping

Some patients have excess gum tissue that covers portions of the natural crowns of the teeth. This can make the teeth appear small and boxy. Our dentist can perform gum reshaping at our Fountain Valley practice to eliminate excess gum tissue and make the gumline more even.

Explore Gum Reshaping


If you have crooked, rotated, gapped, or misaligned teeth, you may wish to undergo an orthodontic procedure. Invisalign® is a popular alternative to braces that straightens your smile using removable plastic aligner trays. Best of all, the aligners are clear, so treatment is discreet.

Explore Invisalign

Our Cosmetic Dentist Offers Temporary Restorations


Our Patients can start experiencing the benefits of an enhanced smile even as they wait for our team to create their permanent restorations. We offer temporary restorations to give you a brighter or more even smile until your final restorations are ready.

Fountain Valley's Trusted Dental Office For Beautiful, Healthy Smiles

"Dr Mortensen is the  best dentist I have ever had.  If you have ever had any dentist phobia, they will do what ever they can to make your experience better." R. Jacobson

Dental Anxiety Is Common But Our Cosmetic Dentist Can Help

woman looking relaxed in the dentist's chair
Dental anxiety can impact your health, happiness, and functionality. It's also common, affecting almost 1 in 5 American patients. Dr. Mortensen has over 40 years of experience in dentistry. During this time, he's treated plenty of patients with dental anxiety and successfully helped them manage their fears with sedation dentistry. He can put that skill to good use during your smile makeover.

Choose a Dental Office Dedicated to Your Comfort

If anxiety or fear of pain has prevented you from pursuing the smile you've always wanted, we have good news. Our caring cosmetic dentist strives to keep you calm.

He starts by offering judgment-free consultations, where patients are welcome to ask questions and become involved in their cosmetic dentistry treatments. As he listens to you, he can form a custom plan with options like porcelain veneers and teeth whitening.

Then, when it's time for your treatment, he can keep you comfortable with sedation dentistry. We feature versatile options, like oral conscious sedation and local anesthesia, for stress-free treatment. To find out more, contact our office or call:

(714) 964-4183

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Sedation dentistry isn't just used to prevent discomfort. It can also keep you calm. Reach out to our Fountain Valley dental team to learn more.

Learn About Your Options

What to Expect During Recovery

Dr. Mortensen is a cosmetic, restorative, and general dentist. You can visit him for regular exams and cleanings so he can help you maintain your beautiful new smile.
Dr. Mortensen is a cosmetic, restorative, and general dentist. You can visit him for regular exams and cleanings so he can help you maintain your beautiful new smile.

Are You Enhancing Your Teeth?

Minimally invasive services such as dental bonding or the placement of veneers or crowns generally require zero downtime. While you may experience some slight sensitivity, you should be able to resume normal activities immediately.

Are You Improving Your Gums?

Laser gum contouring does not typically require downtime, but it can take a few days for the area to heal. We encourage patients to eat soft foods and avoid foods with small seeds to reduce post-operative discomfort.

Are You Getting Dental Implants?

In most cases, dental implants require three to six months of healing before a restoration can be attached. This gives the bone and soft tissues time to fuse to the implant posts.

Maintaining Your Results

Proper oral health care is essential for maintaining the results of your smile makeover. Here are a few recommendations from our dentist and team in Fountain Valley:

Brush Daily

Brush your teeth at least twice every day using a soft-bristled toothbrush and a non-abrasive toothpaste. Dr. Mortensen can recommend a good brand for your needs, so feel free to ask for ideas.

Floss Between the Teeth

Clean between the teeth once daily. If you do not like regular floss, ask us about interproximal brushes or dental picks. If you're not sure whether you're flossing correctly, Dr. Mortensen or your dental hygienist can show you how.

Attend Dental Visits

Dr. Mortensen is both a general dentist and a cosmetic dentist. You can trust him to take care of your smile with regular visits for exams, cleanings, and preventative care. This is crucial for long-term oral health.

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Dr. Mortensen is a fantastic doctor! He is by far the best dentist I have see!!! I definitely recommend him to anyone. His work won't dissappoint you!!

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I have been coming here since I was a kid. Now I bring my kids. The office staff is friendly and wonderful and we love Dr. Mortensen. He's the best!!!

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How Can I Pay For My Smile Makeover?

Cosmetic treatments, like veneers, are not covered by insurance. Dental treatments that can improve your health or oral function, like dental crowns, can potentially be eligible for coverage.

Patients typically pay for their cosmetic dentistry treatments using cash, a credit card, or dental financing. Our office accepts financing from CareCredit® to keep your teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, or dental implants affordable for you.

Andrew G. Mortensen, DDS

Andrew G. Mortensen, DDS

Dr. Andrew Mortensen is a top-rated dentist with training from the world-famous Las Vegas Institute. His exceptional care and expertise have earned him hundreds of 5-star reviews, and he is an accredited member of the:

  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • American Dental Association
  • California Dental Association
  • Orange County Dental Society 

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