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Are discolored, chipped, or misshapen teeth detracting from your smile and impacting your self-confidence?

Porcelain veneers can cover a wide range of cosmetic imperfections to give you a flawless smile.

Dr. Andrew G. Mortensen in Fountain Valley, CA, can place custom veneers to enhance your smile and boost your confidence.

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Dr. Mortensen has more than 30 years of dentistry experience. He is passionate about creating beautiful, healthy smiles his patients are proud to show off. Contact our Fountain Valley, CA, dental practice today if you feel self-conscious about your smile. 

Dr. Mortensen Is a Top Cosmetic Dentistry Provider Contact Us Today to Learn about Veneers

Although many dentists offer porcelain veneers at their practice, few have the same level of skill and experience as Dr. Mortensen. He has received cosmetic dentistry training at the world-famous Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies and is an accredited member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

His caring demeanor and exceptional results have earned him various distinctions, including: 

  • Best Dentist Orange County
  • Opencare Patients' Choice Winner

Choosing a talented dentist like Dr. Mortensen is the best way to ensure beautiful results. To begin your journey towards a more beautiful smile, schedule a consultation today! You can reach our Fountain Valley, CA office online or by calling:

Dr. Mortensen and staff

"Always a 5-star experience." Discover What Patients Are Saying


Paula Bevans


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Always a five star experience. Great dentist with exceptional staff.

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Lynn Black


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Dr. Mortensen and staff are the best!  I've recommended a lot of people here and everyone loves them.

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Different Types for Different Needs WHICH DENTAL VENEERS ARE RIGHT FOR YOU?

Depending on your aesthetic needs and cosmetic goals, Dr. Mortensen will recommend the type of dental veneer he thinks will provide the best results. Contact our Fountain Valley, CA, practice to request your veneers consultation.
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Traditional dental veneers are extremely thin shells made from tooth-colored porcelain. In order to place traditional veneers that won't look bulky, we need to remove a very small amount of enamel from the tooth. For this reason, patients who choose this option must be ready for a lifetime commitment.

Veneer compared to teeth

Minimal Prep

Minimal prep options require very slight modifications to the teeth before placement but can create equally long-lasting and beautiful results compared to traditional veneers. Since they require less preparation, they are ideal for patients who want a minimally invasive or reversible solution to their cosmetic concerns.

Close up of veneer placed on tooth


No-prep dental veneers do not require any modification to the teeth before placement. They are a great option for patients with stains or chips who do not need their teeth resized or reshaped. If your teeth are crowded or crooked, re-structuring the tooth with traditional treatment will yield a better final result.

First-Rate Technology Precise Planning with Our Cone Beam Scanner

a woman standing in a cone beam scanner

Our Fountain Valley practice is equipped with the latest dental technologies including a 3-D cone beam scanner. Unlike a traditional 2-D x-ray machine, the cone beam emits less radiation and incorporates a wider field of vision so it can safely generate precise images for patients. 

During your exam, one of our team members will ask you to stand in the scanner. The scanner then rotates 360 degrees around you, capturing hundreds of distinct views that are compiled into interactive three-dimensional images in just seconds.

These images allow Dr. Mortensen to assess your oral health and ensure that you are ready to begin cosmetic treatment. If we detect any oral health concerns during your exam, we can treat these in our office.

"They Have the Best and Most Advanced Tools" Patients Love Our Technology

"I always feel like they have the best and most advanced tools and experience when it comes to my teeth. I had veneers recently done there and they are AMAZING. I love how much care and passion is given by Andrew Mortensen and his staff. If you're looking for a dentist, look no further." Meliza Barriga

Typical Treatment Timeline 

Placing porcelain veneers typically takes two appointments at our Fountain Valley, CA, practice. Here is what you can expect during these visits:


During your first visit, Dr. Mortensen will examine your teeth to make sure they are healthy enough to support veneers. We will discuss your options and select the type of veneer that best suits your needs and goals.


If you opt for traditional porcelain veneers, we begin by preparing the teeth for treatment. Dr. Mortensen will remove about half a millimeter of tooth enamel so that the veneer will align perfectly with the rest of your teeth.


Once your teeth are prepared, Dr. Mortensen will take impressions of your smile. These are sent to our trusted dental lab, where a skilled ceramic technician will craft your veneer.


Before you leave, Dr. Mortensen will place temporary veneers to protect your teeth until the permanent restorations are ready.


During a second appointment at our Fountain Valley practice, the dentist will check the fit, feel, and look of the final porcelain veneer before permanently bonding it to the tooth's surface.

Porcelain Veneers Are Indistinguishable  From Your Natural Teeth

We work with a trusted dental lab to create porcelain veneers that blend in seamlessly with your other teeth.

Get a Naturally Gorgeous Smile Veneers Can Hide Gaps, Cracks, and Minor Misalignments

a young woman smiling before veneers
a young woman smiling after veneers
Porcelain veneers were used to close the large space in the front teeth and to whiten her smile. This patient is loving her new smile!

We Take the Time To Customize Your Results

Dr. Mortensen's patients are thrilled with their new veneers, and he has received hundreds of 5-star reviews and heartfelt testimonials from his patients.

Veneers are not a one-size-fits-all treatment. When designing your treatment, we will take into account your bone structure, coloring, and natural dental arches to craft natural-looking restorations that complement your appearance.

With over 30 years of cosmetic dentistry experienceDr. Mortensen can handle even the most severe cases of dental imperfections. Our team is passionate about creating a beautiful smile you will be proud to show off. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Mortensen today to find out if you are a good candidate for porcelain dental veneers. Contact our Fountain Valley, CA, office online or call:

(714) 964-4183

Dr. Mortensen

"Dr. Mortensen and his staff are incredible!" Hear from Our Happy Patients


Lesli Bonanni


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Dr. Mortensen and his staff are incredible!  I have been going here for years.    I simply won’t go anywhere else.  The level of professionalism, knowledge and expertise, courtesy and friendliness is off the charts! Can one actually enjoy going to the dentist?  I do! 

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Joyce Allen


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I am a person who hates absolutely hates to go to the dentist. However I saw Dr Mortenson today with his stuff and I have to say I have truly never met a better group of people for the office staff is all amazing and friendly and kind and Dr Mortenson himself makes you feel like you’ve known him forever and he’s very wise. 

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Am I a Good Candidate For Porcelain Veneers?

Most people who are unhappy with their teeth and smile are good candidates for porcelain veneers. Dr. Mortensen will evaluate your candidacy at your initial consultation to discuss your best treatment option and whether veneers are right for you. Good candidates for dental veneers:

Have Good Oral Health

You should be in good oral health before the placement of your veneers. Oral health issues, like gum disease, will need to be corrected before veneer treatment to ensure the longevity of your dental restorations.

Have Sufficient Enamel

Our dentist will remove a small amount of enamel before traditional veneer placement to ensure a proper fit. Patients with thin or worn-down enamel may not be good candidates for this cosmetic treatment.

Are Free of Teeth Grinding

While the porcelain used to make veneers is incredibly durable, it is not indestructible. Patients who suffer from bruxism (teeth grinding) will need to wear an oral appliance to protect their veneers from chipping or breaking.

Have Only Minor Misalignment

Veneers are effective at hiding minor misalignment issues. However, those with severely misaligned teeth or a severely misaligned bite will need to have this corrected with braces or Invisalign® before veneers can be placed.

Have Realistic Expectations

Traditional porcelain veneers require the removal of enamel, which creates a permanent change to the structure of your teeth. Patients who do not want to commit to a permanent change should consider other options.

Other Options for Restoration & Enhancement If You Are Not a Good Candidate for Veneers

Dental Crowns

While a veneer can cover small cracks and chips, it cannot strengthen or restore a badly damaged tooth. Patients with severely cracked, decayed, or damaged teeth may be better candidates for dental crowns. A dental crown covers the entire tooth from the gum line to the cusp, reinforcing the tooth and concealing cosmetic concerns all at once. Just like dental veneers, crowns are custom-made to complement your smile and look incredibly natural. 

Teeth Whitening

Veneers are an exceptional choice for patients who are struggling with permanent tooth stains or intrinsic discoloration. However, teeth whitening may be a sufficient way to remove surface stains and brighten your smile. We offer both at-home and in-office options that whiten your teeth by several shades in fast, comfortable treatments. Teeth whitening is more affordable than veneers, but does not offer the same permanent outcomes and must be touched-up regularly. 

"The best dentist I ever had."


marie-helene luebbers


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Dr Mortensen had been my dentist for... 30 years???!! The best dentist I ever had. Also, his office is very friendly. I highly recommend him.

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Cat B


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Been going to doc for awhile. His staff is friendly and efficient love them all. Doc is amazing and fixed my issues.  I highly recommend.   And I never post.

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Andrew G. Mortensen, DDS

Andrew G. Mortensen, DDS

Dr. Andrew Mortensen is a top-rated dentist with training from the world-famous Las Vegas Institute. His exceptional care and expertise have earned him hundreds of 5-star reviews, and he is an accredited member of the:

  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • American Dental Association
  • California Dental Association
  • Orange County Dental Society 

Ready to schedule a consultation at our Fountain Valley dental practice? Request an appointment online or call us at (714) 964-4183.

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"I am proud to have served patients in our community. Through continuing education and state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to offer you and your family the high level of care you're looking for." Andrew G. Mortensen, D.D.S.

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